The Deerfield: a Working River


In terms of Connecticut River tributaries, the Deerfield River’s watershed is second in size only to that of the Chicopee River.  The 675 square mile watershed is comprised of sixteen towns in Vermont and twenty towns in Massachusettts.  The Deerfield drainage contains fascinating geology, old growth forests, thrilling whitewater, and diverse fish populations, all of which will be covered by this film.

A fascinating evolution of transportation has occurred up the Deerfield River Valley from its ancient Mohawk Trail to Shelburne’s Electric trolley, though the building of the Hoosac Tunnel and Hoot Toot & Whistle Railroads.  Another compelling chapter has been the construction of Deerfield’s many dams. This film will cover these topics and more as it attempts to encapsulate the human history of the drainage.

As with most other rivers, the Deerfield faces numerous conservation challenges.  Particular areas discussed in this film will be land preservation in the watershed, stewardship of the River and its tributaries, and difficulties involving flow management.

Funded in part through a grant from the Deerfield River Enhancement Fund.

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