Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Vermont Section


Clyde River

Nulhegan River

Lake Champlain

Upper Missisquoi River

Lower Missisquoi River


These five ten-minute-long videos educate paddlers about the human and natural histories found in and along the waterways and towns comprising the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT).  Interwoven with the environmental and historical narrative are safety and stewardship messages aimed at fostering safe and respectful trips on the Trail. The videos include routes on Lake Champlain, and the Missisquoi, Clyde and Nulhegan Rivers.  Ultimately, this video series aims to enhance existing recreational opportunities by showcasing interesting subjects both within and beyond the riverbanks.

This project was funded by a Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Recreational Trails Program grant and produced in cooperation with the non-profit Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

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