Invasion Vermont!


An invasion of Vermont is underway. While invasive species pose a formidable threat, the battle’s not lost, and it will take an educated public to lead the fight. If one watches TV or looks online to learn about our state’s invasive species, they will be hard pressed to find much supportive video at all. With today’s public getting information primarily from these two sources, it’s inexcusable that there should be such a scarcity of audio-visual material on the subject. Hence, the reason behind our two-part video project, which will augment existing outreach efforts by educating the public on Vermont’s invasive plant and animal species, future threats, and efforts to combat them.

The project’s first component is our documentary, INVASION VERMONT! which has been disseminated to public schools and publicly screened statewide. This film highlights Vermonters’ deep love for the state’s waterways and landscapes, while challenging viewers to get involved, educate themselves and fight against these threats to our traditional relationship with the natural world.

The second component is an offshoot off video clips highlighting prevention, control, eradication, and contact information. These clips have links within The Nature Conservancy’s Vermont Invasives website as well as with the Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation’s Forest Pest First Detection Program website. Our collection of invasive video clips take static identification photos one step further by coupling clear, easy-to-follow professional advice with inspirational examples of volunteer help.

Funded in part through a Vermont Fish and Wildlife Watershed Grant, and a CVPS Community Giving grant.

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