Down the Yellowstone


Arguably the greatest symbol of the Wild West, the Yellowstone River stretches for 660 miles from its source at the base of Yount’s Peak in Wyoming, to its confluence with the Missouri River in North Dakota.  This distance places the Yellowstone River with the distinction of being the longest free-flowing river in the continental United States.  Though the Yellowstone appears to flow unchallenged along its ageless course, the stresses of society are threatening to undermine its wild nature.

Down the Yellowstone examines these issues by visiting with the people who live and work alongside this great river.  Interviews with government personnel, environmental organizations, outfitters, farmers, and every-day citizens bring to light the differing perspectives on the future of the river corridor and its connected economy.  Down the Yellowstone follows the river in points along its entire course over the span of a year, highlighting the seasonal richness of the river.  Viewers will learn about the unique natural history of the Yellowstone, and come to appreciate the special place that this river holds in the state and the nation as a whole.

Honorable Mention for Environmental Awareness, Cinematography
– 27th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival
Broadcast on Vermont Public Television Reel Independents

Down the Yellowstone River presents a compelling and visually spectacular portrait of the most critical conservation issues currently affecting the Yellowstone River watershed.  From its disturbing look at the rapid channelization of the river in Paradise Valley to a discussion on inefficient water use along the lower river, this film is a clarion call for lovers of the Yellowstone to rise to its defense before it’s too late.
Scott Bosse, Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Your 60 minute film DTY was excellent and informational. A large amount of effort, knowledge and talent was required in order to focus the light of day on local destructive land uses which adversely impacts the Yellowstone River.  These were clearly illustrated and explained in the film
– Joe Gutkoski, Montana River Action

This is a beautiful and highly informative view of one of the wildest rivers and surrounding country left in the lower-48 states.  Learn the story behind the scenery and the challenges to maintaining this wild heart of our western United States.
David Gaillard, Predator Conservation Alliance

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