Wild ‘n’ Free Archive

As Riverbank Media produces its videos, we continue to amass a library of visual images representative of nature in our bioregion.  Going forward, we intend to create a searchable video archive for free use by public and home-schooled students and educators.  Similarly, this archive will also be available for use by non-profit organizations and government wildlife agencies.  We hope to record as many different ecosystems in our area as possible en route to a comprehensive video archive of New England natural history.  Subscribers to the Wild ‘n’ Free archive can use these images in environmental educational video productions or mission-driven conservation work.

A decade ago, Executive Director and founder, Joe DeFelice, co-created a children’s wildlife filmmaking workshop in cooperation with the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.  The idea there has evolved into a popular weekly after school program.  Building upon that concept, Riverbank Media hopes to develop an online distance learning module that can assist individuals in both navigating our library as well as teaching video production fundamentals.  Our grand vision is to foster student-produced environmental videos and to create an online platform upon which they can be hosted, viewed, and shared  in educational settings throughout the six New England states.

Please contact us for further inquiries about this project.

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