About Us

The idea for Riverbank Media was conceived while floating beneath the White Cliffs of the Upper Missouri River in Montana and nurtured in part through other expeditions along the Flathead, Clark Fork, Bitterroot and Yellowstone Rivers.  The actual birth of the organization occurred some years later in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.  With a reverence and concern for our watery treasures, Riverbank Media has tried to produce work that would both educate and inspire viewers to get involved on behalf of river conservation.  Viewers of our productions have gained understanding about local waterways and have been encouraged to develop a personal relationship with their watershed.

Now in our second decade, Riverbank Media has expanded its aim from one focused exclusively on rivers to a broader vision inclusive of the natural world and the environment.  We feel this new mission will still strive to achieve the same core goals originally sought: to foster a connection with the environment and to further the appreciation of and advocacy for conservation efforts.  Riverbank Media believes in an ecological approach to media production where interconnectedness and cooperation drive projects.  As we grow, we expect to attract independent producers, educators, organizations, students, and average citizens interested in communicating their own environmental messages and information.

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